Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18

Day #18
Shellfish Flounder

Day 17

Day #17

Creole Catfish

Day 16

Day Sixteen


Thank you Eric !

Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen
The Creole Cat
This is a special piece for one of my favorite collectors. She is giving it as a gift to her son.

Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen

Saints, Who Dat Stamped jewelry pieces.

I'm going to use these in conjunction with other elements.

(UPDATE) due to the loss, those creations will be later than sooner

Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

My next door neighbor does a FANTASTIC job. Contact me if you need a handy man type job done.

Halfway done !

Day Twelve

Day #12

Somehow I've gotten behind so, I am posting the start of the siding for the shop.

This is the Studio that Bobby built for me.
Miss him so....

Day Eleven

Day #11
Etched Seashell Coffee Mugs for the WAMA gift shop.

(note) In a delivery rush I did not get a photo of the wine glasses.

Day Ten

Day Ten
New Fleur de Lis design to etch on OSAA wine glass gifts for tomorrow's project.

Day Nine

Day 9... nuff said

Day Eight

Day 8. First camellia of 2012!

Day Seven

Day Seven
Mardi Gras medallion

Day Six

Day #6
For the fans and fanatics like me !

Hand painted Fleur de Football pitchers and glasses.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Two

Day Two, Three Starfish Pendants.
Glass Beads, chips, "pearls", etc.

Day One

Piece #1, Untitled as of yet.
Amonite, glass beads, pearls, Kyanite and other goodies