Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art a Day Redux Part 4

Last but not least, hooray for our Mississippi Football teams !   Ole Miss has been bouncing around the top 10, er, uh, 25. No matter. It's one of the best years ever for the Rebs, er, Landsharks, uh, Bears. On the other hand, Mississippi State has sat at #1 for weeks. I present to you my homage to the Bulldogs....
The Egg Bowl will be one for the ages !

Art a day Renaissance Part 3

Third, a new logo (kind of)
It will make a nice one color t-shirt and stamp (ha) for my original artworks.

and in black....

Art a day revival part 2

The second piece to start the art a day....     My favorite polished crabs.
So shiny, and steel! Blue-ish motifs.
BUY THIS CRAB (the one on the left)
or, BUY THIS CRAB (the one on the right)

Art a day Revival

Time to revive the art a day blog !
Yesterday was 11/11. Four 1s....       I believe I'll restart with 4 of my new favorite things, then, one more thing later, for today.

First, my favorite fish....   The DO-RE-MI-FA-LOUNDER!
I love the pattern I did on the upper and lower fins. >)))*>
He's not made of metal, but recycled chip board.
Wanna purchase this whimsical chalkboard?